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China granite price going up?
Updated:2017.06.07 Source:HyperBetter|Project|Umbrella base|Table top|Medallion Clicks:

From 2016, Oct More and more granite quarries closed, including G664, G687, G655PT, DY red , G682PT, G656, G657 and privous quarries like G603, G602, G633 and G635, G636, G681 , G682 etc.  More and more closed specially original FuJian province.  Well known that Xiamen is the NO1 for granite and marble.  But now cheap materials have closed at all, factories have no materials to produce, or have to produce marble or buy blocks from oversea or out of xiamen.  All these cause the price goes up.


And from April to now, Enviirement protection checking team checks stone industrial, it causes some factories closed directly, specially for paving stone small factories.  And some big factories including BESTCHEER paused for a while.  all these cause the granite price have to be increased.  What do you think about it or what is your plan?