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Micro holes black basalt

  • Micro holes Black basalt (1)
  • Micro holes Black basalt (2)
  • Micro holes Black basalt (3)
  • Micro holes Black basalt (4)
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Micro holes black basalt *Type: Tiles *Material: basalt *Thickness:15-18 mm *Size: 300x300x20mm,300x600x20mm,400x400x20mm,600x400x20mm,ect *Finished: polished,honed,bush hammered,chiselled,flamed,antique,rough picking,ect


Micro holes black basalt

Basalt rock, also known as lava stone,volcanic stone,black ravertine is a kind of natural rock with noticeable holes(ranging from 1mm to 20mm).It has a density about 2450kg/m3.It has become more and more popular in construction and decoration

Micro holes Black basalt (1)

Usage: Micro holes black basalt is considered as a good building material for interior and exterior decoration or suitable for floor tile and driveway paver

1.Product Information


Tile size




polished,honed,bush hammered,chiselled,flamed,antique,rough picking,ect



 Floor tiles, countertop, vanity top, tombstone, monument, fireplace, garden statue, washing basin……


other colors

Black travertine,G685 Hainan Basalt, G684 Chinese Black Pearl, Mongolia Black, Zhangpu Basalt

Basalt stone is a nice material for outside product purpose, here we have 3 types according the holes,


Black Travertine-1


Micro holes Black basalt


G684 black basalt tile

Tiles and cut-to-size out of flamed, honed & bushammered  are better choice for yard or garden project. we have offered a lot to Australia and European markets. Here we have more than 600M2 in stock for your choosing.

Micro holes Black basalt (2)

1. Basalt tiles, basalt rock for sale,black polished rock is avaiable in Tiles, Slabs,Kerbstone,ect.

2.The surface finishing are Flamed, Polished, Honed.ect

Micro holes Black basalt (4)

3.One of advantage is all natural stone .

4.we have ours own factory and quarry.

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    QC team is experienced stone people who care the quality more than you. Because our goal is QUALITY is CUSTOMER. We want our customer sleep well after they give the orders to our hands, and smile when open the containers from us.  Photos will be taken for your reference.In case of any broken, double quantity will be sent in next shipment against photos.

  •  Price Guarantee

    We are trying our best to offer you the best price. But not all of materials, to be honest, No company could offer all materials at the best price in market. The guarantee from us is you will receive the best reasonable prices from us. Same quality, you will get better prices from us.

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