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Marble cheese board



Marble cheese board— The perfect design cheese board and cheese tray from Hyperbetter

Hyperbetter produce marble cheese board, cutting board and trays etc out of marble and granite.

This is cheese board and bread servings.  For marble cheese board. Hyperbetter has a rotary style marble cheese board.  The marble color could be changed. Here Hyperbetter have more than 300 different color options.

natural marble cheese board

This Marble cheese board with stainless steel stand. 3 size options. Diameter 17cm Marble cheese board,Diameter 22 cm Marble cheese board, Diameter 25cm Marble cheese board, welcome customized Diameter 17cm Marble cheese board from Hyperbetter

And it is perfect after cheese or bread onto this  Marble cheese board,.

You could choose one single size Marble cheese board as your order or mixed sizes.

More  Marble cheese board from Hyperbetter, From hyper better  quality Marble cheese board  and better price  Marble cheese board.







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